New LH signs for Goshen, IN

The Indiana chapter of the Lincoln Highway Association, with help from the Goshen, Indiana, street department, has erected 54 Lincoln Highway signs. Featuring the LH’s red, white, and blue logo, the signs were kept wrapped in black plastic until their unveiling Saturday, October 20. Festivities started south of town along US 33 at CR 40, then police escorted the group as it followed the route through Goshen.

LHA president Jan Shupert-Arick offered remarks and recounted how on June 22, 1915, US Vice-President Thomas Marshall had originally dedicated the road through town. The Goshen News also quoted LHA member Tom Riggs that he hopes a local business will support the replacement of the city’s welcome arch that once stood at N. Chicago Avenue and Beaver Lane.

Here, LHA executive director David Hay, LHA president Jan Shupert-Arick, and LHA vice-president Russell Rein stand next to the southernmost sign (photos courtesy Jerome Miller, Goshen):
Hay, Shupert-Arick, Rein at Goshen sign

LH supporters at the northern-most sign:

Crowd at northern Goshen sign

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