Produce Stands Part of Region's Heritage

One of the reasons for making the trip to Gettysburg was to see the sights of Fall along the Lincoln Highway, especially produce stands. Central PA is known for its apples, peaches, cherries, and other farm products, though suburbanization is a looming threat to orchards. On the way home, we stopped to buy some pumpkins, tomatoes, apple butter, and Halloween decorations.

West of Chambersburg is Shatzer’s Fruit Market (2197 Lincoln Way West), founded 1933. Outside is one of the LHHC‘s Pump Parade decorated fiberglass pumps:

Relatives of the Shatzer family, Bingham’s Orchard and Market (9823 Lincoln Way West) farther west in St. Thomas has a larger building stocked with cider, jams, and such:


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One Response to “Produce Stands Part of Region's Heritage”

  1. jwine Says:

    I have heard of these peaches. I do wish they could be shipped. What a wonderful gift for my husband’s 89th birtday!

    I have so enjoyed reading the links and seeing the beautiful view.

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