Mystery Photo 1: Outhouse, Gas Pump, Tractor

Weekends seem like a good time to run shorter stories. First up is an interesting shot from John and Lenore Weiss of an outhouse and tractor – know where it’s at? We’ll start with a general clue that it’s a well-known LH stop in the Midwest. Please leave your guesses by clicking Comments below the picture.


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3 Responses to “Mystery Photo 1: Outhouse, Gas Pump, Tractor”

  1. RoadDog Says:

    Judging from all the stuff around it, I’d have to say Preston’s Station in Belle Plain, Iowa.

    How about getting a history of the LH outhouse?

  2. brianbutko Says:

    No one else even wants to try, they know you got it right the first time RoadDog.

    The outhouse? Maybe it was first in a chain of LH rest stations!

  3. Cowboy Bob Hill Says:

    I’ll take the tractor if its available !!

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