Kearney Covered Wagon photo update

Leigh and Chuck Henline of Fort Cody Trading Post in North Platte, Nebraska, stopped at the Covered Wagon west of Kearney on their Thanksgiving trip to snap a few photos of the Covered Wagon, previously reported on here. Note the office now has a second story. Here’s a closeup of the wagon, still awaiting restoration:

NE_Cov Wag1-Henline

Or click below for a 2-photo panorama of the site. Note the houses rising behind it on what was once the 1733 Ranch:

NE_Cov Wag2-Henline

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4 Responses to “Kearney Covered Wagon photo update”

  1. Ed Barr Says:

    I am pleased to see this piece of roadside history restored. I have a picture of my brother and me taken in front of the oxen as our family moved west to San Francisco from New Jersey in August 1953. I tried to paste it here but could not as this feed apparently does not take photo paste.

  2. brianbutko Says:

    Thanks for your note Ed. If you email your picture to me at
    brian [at]
    I’ll post it in the blog.

  3. Horace D. Shaw Says:

    Dear Brian,

    As a boy I watched my father and mother build this covered wagon. I do have a lot of history, interesting events and pictures, and would be interested in contacting the ones who plan to restore the property. I am sure there are many things of interest I could share that no one else would know.

  4. Mary Ellen Harris Says:

    My family visited this attraction on our way from Chicago to Utah in the mid-60’s and again in 1969. I distinctly remember the two-headed calf in the building behind the shop. In 1995 we traveled west again with my daughter in tow. We stopped at the shop, spoke to the man that owned it. He told me he had been in a Dire Straits music video something to do with the Univ. of Nebraska basketball team. While in the store we looked at the guest book on the counter and found our names from our previous visit. It was exciting. I hope this place is saved and I can visit there again.

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