Mystery Photo 2: Abandoned Filling Station

Another interesting shot from John and Lenore Weiss is this distinctive but abandoned gas station located somewhere in the middle of the US – that’s all I’ll say to start since RoadDog guessed the last one pretty quickly! Know where it’s at? Please leave your guesses by clicking Comments below the picture.

Weiss MP2

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7 Responses to “Mystery Photo 2: Abandoned Filling Station”

  1. RoadDog Says:

    Definitely a cottage-style station. Judging from the land around it, perhaps western Nebraska, Great Plains area.

  2. brianbutko Says:

    Very good, Nebraska….

  3. Keep the Show on the Road! Says:


    I think I spotted this station in the Lincoln County inventory of historical buildings at Sutherland, NE, thanks to RoadDog’s insight.

    Keep the Show on the Road


  4. brianbutko Says:

    Good job!! Yes, you can find it on page 88 (pdf file page 92) at

    It’s good reading. The report is from 1993 so more was still out there, and in better shape.

  5. Lelia Snodgrass Says:

    Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  6. brianbutko Says:

    Nope sorry, has to be directly on the Lincoln Highway. Someone did guess correctly – see notes above, but thanks for trying.

  7. leyndel M. Terwilliger Says:

    Its in the west end of Sutherland NE. I had it leased approx.
    1950 when I lived there.

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