Suzie Burger rehabs rare Sacramento gas station

Just a block from the official route of the Lincoln Highway in Sacramento, Suzie Burger is a new restaurant in an old gas station (see red circle on map below). The double-canopy station at 29th and P streets was previously an Orbit station, but looks like it was probably built as a Phillips 66 in the 1960s (see the Spring 2005 Society for Commercial Archeology Journal for more on their history).

The above photo from Tom Spaulding, as seen on Flickr, shows the station’s two canopies, somewhat rare. Tom has more than 7,000 images on Flickr, and check out Tom’s blog for tons more great photos and info from that region.)

The station was later converted to Tune-up Masters, then closed and declined into a local eyesore. Locals are thrilled with the rehab, though early reviews on the food are mixed (though in fairness, three months is a normal period of adjustment). The building is not listed in any historical register so the new owners are to be commended for saving, reusing, and reviving architectural details. They have other high-end restaurants in the area. The original Suzie’s drive-in at 24th Street decades ago; Benny Ogata, son of the founders of the original, is an investor and was helping cook opening day.

CA_LHA Sac Map

The Sacramento Bee reports that a basic Suzie Burger is $1.95, cheeseburger $2.95, each one served with dill pickle and carrot sticks. Grilled onions, pickled jalapenos, sauerkraut, pastrami, chili, and a fried egg range from 45 cents to $1.95 each. The menu also includes hot dogs, chili, and cheesesteaks Milkshakes and soft-serve cones also are served. The cafe red-and-white color scheme includes “Suzie” caricatures by Sacramento artist Matt Rallens. The Suzie’s website has nothing yet but the address. The map is from the LHA Driving Maps CD, available through the LH Trading Post.

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3 Responses to “Suzie Burger rehabs rare Sacramento gas station”

  1. libertyimages Says:

    It looks terrific…how wonderful to see someone restoring a vintage place like this.

  2. Kell Brigan Says:

    Just a quick note: the website’s been updated, and now includes a menu. (I stopped in to give them a try the other day. Better than average fast food hot dog and fries. I’ll probably make a point to head back sometime to try the Chicago Dog. A bit crowded and hectic (the “flow” is a little awkward, and watch your step on those old fashioned curbs.) Decor is fun, if a little “corporate,” i.e. as if professional marketing people were involved. (Of course, I’m middle aged and increasingly in search of real nostalgia…)

  3. didi Says:

    Did all Philips 66 gas station use these airplane type buildings or did other gas station names also use these prototypes. I know of one that is now a used car lot and wondered whether it was a Philips 66 or a different chain entirely.

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