Film – Recreating Alice Ramsey's 1909 drive

Summer 2009 will be the centennial of the first woman to drive across America, Alice Ramsey. In honor of that groundbreaking event, Emily Anderson and a co-pilot will leave New York City on June 9, 2009, for San Francisco. They’ll follow the same route over 41 days in the same type car as Alice used (a 1909 Maxwell, restored by Emily’s dad), with celebrations along the way. Here’s a 4-minute trailer about the next Alice’s Drive.

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6 Responses to “Film – Recreating Alice Ramsey's 1909 drive”

  1. Diane Says:

    Is it possible to put me in touch with Emily? I would love to arrange a welcome for her as she travels the Illinois Lincoln Highway!

    By the way, my director saw you on TV last night – talking about ice cream. Wish I would have seen it, but I was busy cheering for the Giants!

  2. Denny Gibson Says:

    Wow. I recall hearing something of this but it had slipped my mind. The Andersons have a website at which I intend to keep an eye on.

    Diane, there is contact information on the site and I think you might be just the sort of person she’d like to hear from. This promises to be a truly great adventure.

    BTW, it seems your cheering was effective.

  3. Richard V. Anderson Says:

    Anyone interested in contacting Emily Anderson – the driver on the 2009 Alice Ramsey Centennial can call her at 206-547-9991. She lives in Seattle. The web site has contact email information. We launched a second video about the trip on YouTube on 2/13/08… be sure to check that one out too……..Thanks for your support….Emily’s Dad….

  4. Jenny Washburn Says:

    I left a message last week on a connecting sight and don’t know if it was passed along. My father and I are planning to join you for part of the trip in 2009. My father is Howard Joyner and has been in contact with Mr. Anderson off and on over the past few years. He even sold Mr. Anderson a Maxwell for parts a year or two ago.
    I learned of the 2009 Alice Ramsey trip a few years ago at a Maxwell car ralley in New Castle, Indiana, my father’s home town. There was a Maxwell car manufacturing plant there for several years. My father began collecting Maxwells about 15 years ago and has had as many as seven in his posession at one time.
    When I heard the story about Alice I immediately fell in love with her and her adventuresome spirit. I told my father I would like to do that some day. When he found out about the tour and asked me if I was still interested I said “yes!”. I have had a few driving lessons and have worked on the cars a little with him, but still have a lot to learn. We had first planned to try to run the entire trip, but now may have to settle for a shorter distance.
    I am looking forward to meeting Emily and her father, Richard, and am wishing them all the best. I have looked at the other web sights and am trying to help promote the trip by telling others about it.
    I am going to try to get our 4th grade teachers involved with the history portion, at least for Indiana’s history. And I will try to contact some govenment officials for interest and promotion ideas.
    Please keep me informed of all plans and information as it becomes avaliable.
    Jenny Washburn

  5. Bengt Anderson Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Happy to see the fervor! Whoever hosts this site (LHA Folk!) would you kindly embed the new version of the Alice Ramsey video on here for all to see as well? That would be great! It’s on youtube

    We are in more need than ever to talk with sponsors for this centennial trip in June. If anyone has contacts within hotel chains, gasoline companies, food, tools and more please feel free to connect us. You can reach us at and

    Thanks to all and happy holidays!


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