"Faces of Lincoln" at Studebaker Museum till 3/9

This month begins a three-year bicentennial celebration of President Lincoln’s birth, with many books and exhibits marking the occasion. In South Bend, Indiana, the Studebaker National Museum (201 S. Chapin Street), in cooperation with the Indiana Historical Society, is featuring The Faces of Lincoln through March 9. The exhibit is comprised of holdings from the Jack Smith and Daniel R. Weinberg Lincoln collections, along with Studebaker National Museum’s President Lincoln Carriage.


The first section of the exhibit looks at the history of photography using some of the best and most well-known images of Lincoln. Part two investigates ways that photographers, printmakers, and cartoonists tried to influence opinion about Lincoln by altering his appearance. Section three challenges viewers to determine what kind of images and symbols the printmakers used to convey their, and the nation’s, feelings toward Lincoln. The Faces of Lincoln exhibit is based on the Indiana Historical Society’s extensive collection and initially traveled the state on the Indiana History Train in October 2004 and 2005.

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