"Historic LH" sign marks Summit Garage in CA

Folks in California just can’t stop marking, promoting, and preserving the Lincoln Highway. Gary Kinst, editor of LHA’s California chapter quarterly newsletter The Traveller, sent a couple photos from the recent dedication of a “Historic Lincoln Highway” sign at the Summit Garage in Altamont. From left are Deborah DuBois, Mike Kaelin. Al Vieux, and Linda Krhut.


Al, a cattle rancher in the area since 1951, owns the garage. In a few days, Deborah and Linda will be opening “Creative Cave” antique and stained glass shop there. (Linda had been involved with Tri-Valley Youth Services that occupied the building last year – see LH News entry for 2/15/08). Mike is the Alameda County rep./consul for LHA California, and an ad hoc advisor to the Summit Garage. And to make our story complete, Gary formerly owned 5 automotive garages in the East Bay area, and now writes and researches garages and the Lincoln Highway in addition to his day job.


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3 Responses to “"Historic LH" sign marks Summit Garage in CA”

  1. Dean Towle Says:

    I hope each of you currently involved with this fine garage will prosper and maintain the place. Clearly there is some good “vibs” surrounding it. Next time I come bacl to California I’ll look you up and chew the fat with you.
    Aloha, Dean Towle.

  2. Debbie DuBois Says:

    Dean, We appreciate your words of incouragement and we hope to meet you when your here in Ca. Assume you must be in Hawaii or somewhere around there. And we always like to chew fat.
    Debbie and Linda

  3. Dean Towle Says:

    Debbie & Linda,
    Sorry I didn’t identify myself earlier. Yes, I live in Hawaii but originally a native of Napa and Vallejo. I am the youngest of 6 of Robert Towle. Our father’s father either worked at Summit Garage or owned it when my father was a child. He’s gone now but was born in 1913; this timeframe may have been in the 1923 range. BTW, our mother’s maiden name is Armstrong. Chew on that for a while.

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