Lincoln Highway Buy-Way set August 7-9, 2008

Buy-Way LogoW.gifThe Lincoln Highway Buy-Way, a yard sale running along the road through 4 states, is set for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, August 7-9, 2008. Launched in Ohio a few years ago, it has grown to include Indiana, Illinois, and West Virginia. Homeowners and businesses set up sales or offer specials along the way, making for a fun yard sale/road trip. Ohio even distributes thousands of free color maps along the route showing the road and Buy-Way business supporters.

OH_81107_1873.jpg Hot Dog Shop
Above: During last year’s Buy-Way, we lunched at the Hot Dog Shop in East Liverpool, Ohio.

For more info, contact:
Mike Hocker, Executive Director
Ohio Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor

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3 Responses to “Lincoln Highway Buy-Way set August 7-9, 2008”

  1. Jen Says:

    Hooray! *starts plinking coins into the money jar*

  2. M. Shor Says:

    I am a die-hard “127 – Yard Sale” attendee – but this year we’re going to give the Buy-Way a try. Any recommendations on places to stay along the route and best cities to visit. We are looking forward to this adventure!!

    • YV Says:

      I’m going again to the 127. Don’t seem to have too much response from the Buy-Way organizers. Let me know what you think of the Buy-Way when you get back. Have fun.

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