Tunnel Diner in Jersey City slated for demolition

The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor folks received word that the Tunnel Diner in Jersey City, New Jersey, is slated for demolition. This classic factory-built diner (1950s interior, 1960s redo outside) at 184 14th Street is along the later Lincoln Highway, once it was rerouted between New York City and New Jersey due to the opening of the Holland Tunnel in November 1927. It had closed in 2007. The cover of the album Tunnel Diner (by Steve Mackay and the Radon Ensemble on Qbico Records) shows one of the diner’s most memorable features, a vertical neon sign. The diner reportedly appeared in the 1996 film City Hall about the accidental shooting of a boy in New York City, with a cast headed by Al Pacino, John Cusack, Bridget Fonda, and Danny Aiello.


Anyone know more about the closing and scheduled demolition?

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7 Responses to “Tunnel Diner in Jersey City slated for demolition”

  1. dinerhotline Says:

    I never ate there but did stop to photograph it circa 1990 if memory serves me. I believe it may have had a cameo in a movie also (I may be wrong). What a shame!

  2. rod Says:

    i used to eat there once a week when i worked nearby. it was a greasy diner, come on. But it was such a great place to hang out for hours, especially late night.

    and it was in “City Hall”. The scene was where john cusack and bridget fonda meet some guy, to talk about police corruption or something like that.

  3. nightauditor Says:

    I used to work at the Quality Inn (now a Home Depot) back in the 90’s and in my opinion they had the best California cheeseburgers, pizzaburgers and GYROS!! Plus, the breakfast was always slammin!!

  4. kathy Says:

    my dad worked there nights in the seventies, i have fond memories

  5. roadsidenut Says:

    It’s still there as of 3/10. The property is surrounded by chain link fencing.

  6. John Taylor Says:

    As a Deadhead in the late 80’s early 90’s, we stayed nearby 2 or 3 times a year. We ALWAYS ate there! Sooooo many late nite meals…Best staff EVER!!!! Logged into my memories as the Finest Greasy Spoon east of the Mississippi!!

  7. Danny Ortiz Says:

    I can say i had the opportunity to eat at this great diner a couple times in 2006. Best diner yet. I remember seeing pictures of the rat pack and many other artists that would hang out there. The old waitress told me stories about how the old diner was a hang out point for many of the artists, because a lot of them came from Hoboken, N.J. area. They would work in Manhattan and live in Jersey. Jersey City needs to understand that it is a landmark that they can use as a tourist attraction.

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