NYC's vintage Cheyenne Diner closing

Yet another diner in New York City is closing, leaving few of the classic stainless steel diners that were once so common in Manhattan. An article in the New York Daily News states that the Cheyenee Diner, 33rd Street at 9th Avenue near Penn Station, is on land leased from a nearby diner owner who has decided building apartments is better than leasing to a competitor. Though 9 blocks south of the original Lincoln Highway / 42nd Street, the Cheyenne was the last old-time, factory-built diner near the cross-country route. Its last day is this Sunday. UPDATE: Now closed, this article says it’s for sale for $7,900.


Spiros Kasimis, 44, is only the third owner, having had it 18 years. He says the diner was doing well and that people still prefer burgers and bacon over healthy fare, but couldn’t compete with spiraling real estate values:

“The day of one-story structures in Manhattan is over,” he said, adding that he’s looking for a new location in the Hell’s Kitchen-Chelsea area.

Originally called the Market Diner, the 1946 Paramount-brand eatery features neon on the outside and Native American artifacts on interior walls. Another article from am New York debates if the structure can be moved. It’s popular with locals who lament the increasing replacement of community gatherings spots with more commercial uses.



The above photos are courtesy Flickr blog feature. Click on each image for the original post. Map (blue line is original LH, red dot is diner) from the LHA Driving Maps, available from the Lincoln Highway Trading Post.

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5 Responses to “NYC's vintage Cheyenne Diner closing”

  1. ed casey Says:

    hi. brian, do you know if the cheyene diner was the same market diner opposit pier 90 at west 51st st. and 12th ave. i would appreciate a reply, thanks….ed

  2. peter johnston Says:

    hello brian!
    i used to use the market diner as quoted by ed, on 51st and 12th the 60’s when i worked on the cunard passenger liners…i knew it had a bad fire in the early 70’s and closed down..but i thought someone said it had re-opened again last year! could you shed some light on this story? many thanks pete.

    • Brenton Jenkins Says:

      Hi Peter, I worked on the Cunard Purser’s Staff from 1946 to 1967, mainly on the Mary and Lizzie and like many Crew member enjoyed a meal in the Market Diner across from Pier 90. Climbed the promotional ladder to Chief Purser and Cruise Director. Now a long time resident of Deland Florida. Perhaps you remember me?
      The photos of the Diner on 33rd and 9th showed it to be exactly the same as across the road from Pier 90. Brings back many memories.
      Best regards,

  3. Brenton Jenkins Says:

    I have tried every where to obtain a photograph of the Market Diner across the street from the Cunard Pier 90 at the bottom of West 50th Street in the fifties and sixties with no luck including the New York Archives. The best they could do was a photograph of the first Market Diner on the site in 1930 – any help anyone.. Will be very much appreciated.
    Brenton Jenkins, Florida.

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