Lincoln Hwy radio coming to Iowa, June 14-15

Youngville Cafe along the Lincoln Highway in Iowa is teaming with the Benton County Amateur Radio Club, KØKBX, ( to put an amateur radio station on the air for 2 days to celebrate “95 Years on the Lincoln Highway. The dates, June 14-15, will coincide with the 16th annual Lincoln Highway Association National Conference in Evanston, Wyoming.

Above: Youngville Station, a beautiful restoration effort on the Lincoln Highway west of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Photo courtesy of G. Januska.

Amateur operators will be at Youngville that weekend, and special certificates will be available for amateurs throughout the country who contact the Special Event station. Times, short wave frequencies, and more information are available from the American Radio Relay League website (then click on “operating events”) or from Dave Lucas, 4264 Hwy 13, Central City, IA 52214, (319) 438-1763. This event is sanctioned and supported by the ARRL and the Iowa LHA.

Thanks to Van & Bev Becker (and Russell Rein) for the info.

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