LH bridges the difference in rising gas prices

An AP article reports that rising gas prices this past weekend ranged from $3.39 to $3.95 per gallon — and that the two extremes were both along the Lincoln Highway. The national average price for regular gasoline rose 15 cents in the previous two weeks to $3.62 a gallon according to the Lundberg Survey of 7,000 stations nationwide released Sunday. That’s up 55 cents since 2008 began. The lowest price was in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where a gallon averaged $3.39. The highest average was in San Francisco at $3.95.

Above, a gas pump along the Lincoln Highway in Rock River, Wyoming. Photo by Brian Butko.

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2 Responses to “LH bridges the difference in rising gas prices”

  1. RoadDog Says:

    These prices sure causing me to do some re-evaluating of my driving. What really irks me is that the oil companies are making these huge profits while my billfold shrinks.

    I am, though, seriously considering the River to River Iowa chapter tour this August.

  2. AL Henke (314) 839-0404 Says:

    Hi I have 2 of the light post that are seen on top of the gas pump is that what they where used for ?? and what if you know are they worth Thanks AL

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