Classic cars visit Duarte Garage, Livermore CA

Gary Kinst wrote to say that on June 8, 2008, the Livermore Heritage Guild hosted the Santa Clara Valley Model T Clubs endurance run and flatlanders rally. Approximately 40 Model T Speedsters began arriving at the Duarte Garage at 10 am. A barbeque was awaiting the contestants along with an awards ceremony. The parking lot across from the garage was filled with vintage Studebakers, Pierce Arrows, Packards, Model A’s and T’s. At 1 pm, the caravan headed back to Santa Clara to complete the second half of the run.

As the Speedsters approached the garage on Pine Street, a gentleman in vintage costume flagged them across the finish line. Pine Street is a continuation of Junction Ave., the original Lincoln Highway. Race officials checked each arrival and then directed the racers to the front of the garage where they posed for photos, as seen above.

After driving around the block the cars were staged on Pine Street for spectator viewing. The event drew a respectable crowd consisting of those following the participants, and also people driving past the Garage. The Lincoln Highway display inside the Museum received considerable attention too. Photos © by Gary Kinst.

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