Fun at the Twin Hi-Way Drive-In

We spent last night under a rising full moon at the Twin Hi-Way Drive-In, named for the two roads passing by: the Lincoln Highway and Wm. Penn Highway (later US routes 22 & 30). Opened in 1950 in suburban Pittsburgh, the “drive-in capital,” it had closed in 1996 and sat mostly vacant, hosting volleyball tounaments for the adjacent bar and military-themed haunted attractions at Halloween. Three local partners – Jerry Salnoris, Dan Tice, and Jim Torcasi – reopened it last July 3. Business is OK but they have the usual challenge of rainy weather and that most profits go back to the movie distributor, so they depend greatly on snack bar sales. We did our part with endless trips for drinks, ice cream, french fries, and popcorn!

Visit your local drive-in this weekend to experience a movie under the stars. Their land is always tempting to developers so let’s support them while we can. Check the list at right for a LH drive-in near you or send any I might have missed.

Twin Hi-Way Drive-In
5588 Steubenville Pike
Robinson Township, PA
(412) 494-4999

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3 Responses to “Fun at the Twin Hi-Way Drive-In”

  1. Reneena Says:

    Gosh. This makes me miss the old days … eating popcorn under the stars. I love it!

  2. Bob Lysko Says:

    I had my first job ever at Twin Hi-Way Drive In (1963). George Saitis was the owner and I was one of the “ramp boy ushers” who wore white coveralls and used a flashlight to direct cars to available spots.

    Of course, there were always those who would bypass my directions and head for one of the spots in the back rows where the view of the movie wasn’t all that good but the “action” in the cars was more exciting than the movie.

    I’m glad to hear that that the Twin Hi-Way is open again. I lived in Moon Run (where the theatre is located) and in the summers, as kids, my friends and I would “sneak” into the side of the theatre, sit on a log and watch the movies. We would turn up the speakers to all the nearby unoccupied spaces to get louder and better sound. So it didn’t matter if we had a car or paid to get in. We local kids still enjoyed the Twin Hi-Way movies.

    Getting back to when I worked there… there were times when we were showing a good movie that we filled up the whole place with cars. Some even parked in side areas where there weren’t any speakers. I wish I could remember the name of one of the feature movies that drew a big crowd. There were many times when cars were backed up onto Steubenville Pike just waiting to get in to see the movie.

    I had many good times at the Twin Hi-Way Drive In and a significant part of my youth is related to that place. I hope the refurbished version lives up to the old days and brings the same good fun to the local area. Good luck and best wishes!

  3. Bill Fahrenhold Says:

    I went to the Twin Highways when I was a child and I am very glad it is back open!

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