Buddy Nutt's highway song from PBS soundtrack

Rick Sebak has posted the main song from the forthcoming Lincoln Highway documentary, Buddy Nutt’s “Goin’ All the Way.” To hear an extended demo of the one heard in the show, CLICK HERE. The catchy refrain “Goin’ all the way, on the Lincoln Highway” appears throughout the show. Here’s a photo of Buddy performing as, he calls himself, a “singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist who sings songs about picnics, suicide, sledding, materialism, supermarkets, Pat Robertson, dead girlfriends, ping pong, and some classic hits of 1924.”

Buddy says his bag of tricks on any given night might include “soprano ukulele, baritone ukulele, two or three kazoos, a duck call, a slide whistle, a tambourine, a musical saw, musical spoons, a silver cornet, a bass drum, glockenspiel, didgeridoo, a china boy (by that I mean a cymbal and/or a real Chinese boy), egg shaker, a healthy dose of reverb, and a state of the art loop pedal.”

Visit his MySpace page for some hilarious songs or his web site buddynutt.com to puchase CDs or your own Buddy kazoo.

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