Debt clock, diner hours – signs of the times

Along with major stories of financial woes, including the national debt clock running out of digits in New York City’s Times Square — the eastern terminus of the Lincoln Highway — comes news that the Eat’n Park chain of restaurants has greatly reduced the hours of its Park Classic Diner along the Lincoln Highway in Jeannette, Pennsylvania.

Located at the busy corner of US 30 and Lowry Ave. in what is locally known as Lincoln Heights, the building was an original 1960s car-hop location that the chain converted to a 1940s/50s-style diner in 1999. According to an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “The diner remains open for breakfast and lunch, but now closes at 4 p.m. because of the lack of business during the dinner hours, said Kevin O’Connell, a spokesman for Eat ‘N Park.”

Reducing hours has become common for diners in recent decades, as including dinner means adding a new shift of workers and stocking many more foods for larger meals. However, it’s surprising that a chain that already manages a large staff and can supply most such items as standard with other locations finds the need to cut back.

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