More on Olympia Candy Kitchen from local fan

Inspired we hope by our post of last Tuesday, Spiny Norman followed later that day with his first-person impressions and recollections of the Olympia Candy Kitchen. Spiny’s blog, Goshen’s Lincoln Highway, explores the route through that Indiana city and the places along it. It’s a great idea about an area with lots of neat places to see. Yesterday’s post investigated an old alignment south along US 33.


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2 Responses to “More on Olympia Candy Kitchen from local fan”

  1. Dave Zollinger Says:

    Thank you very much for featuring my site on your blog. I’m doing mine in blog format rather than a conventional website because blogger is free and it’s easy to use.
    Yes, you did inspire me to get my Olympia article posted. Kare Andersen from the Olympia told me that you had been in touch with him when I was in having coffee one day. I’m still hoping to get more old photos of the place. Kathy is checking with the family, but they’re very busy making candy for the holidays this time of year.
    I am going to continue to add new posts about things to see in and near Goshen that are related to the Lincoln Highway as long as I have subjects to write about.
    I recently finished reading your book, and enjoyed every page.
    Thanks again.
    Dave Zollinger (a.k.a. Spiny Norman)
    Goshen, Indiana

  2. brianbutko Says:

    Thanks for writing Dave and glad to help your very nice blog. You should have no problem finding lots of neat things to write about there. I agree that blogging software is much easier to use than web site builders. And thanks for your kind words about my Greetings from the LH book – now to finish LH Companion! ~Brian

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