Newsreel: 1952 Donner Pass blizzard strands train

With Wintry weather hitting much of the country, here’s a newsreel from more than a half-century ago reminding us of the dangers atop infamous Donner Pass. The Lincoln Highway crossed the Sierra Nevadas here starting in 1913. The 222 passengers aboard the “City of San Francisco” were stranded for days in up to 20 feet of snow. This newsreel, with dramatic music and narration, details their rescue. The pass is of course named for a party of overland emigrants who were trapped by early snows.

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One Response to “Newsreel: 1952 Donner Pass blizzard strands train”

  1. Esther Loveridge Says:

    This newsreel is great. I have a picture of my father standing in front of the “City of San Francisco” in 1939 in Sacramento, CA.

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