Deco station a twin to Dunkle's Gulf in Bedford

Postcard expert Russell Rein picked up a 1930s postcard that shows a station near Asbury Park, New Jersey, that’s very similar to the well-known Dunkle’s Gulf along the Lincoln Highway in Bedford, Pennsylvania. Dunkle’s is a popular stop and an extremely rare survivor from that era — and they still pump gas!



Though it’s known that others were made in this c. 1930 style, no others are known to have survived. By the look of the Google satellite view, the one in New Jersey is gone too.


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One Response to “Deco station a twin to Dunkle's Gulf in Bedford”

  1. Jerry A. McCoy Says:

    There was also a version (destroyed) that sat on the sw corner of Georgia Avenue and Eastern Avenue in Washington, DC. The Silver Spring Historical Society (across the DC/MD state line) has the photograph in its archives.

    There must have been others built that are still extant. Come on readers, where were/are they?!

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