Send a 200th birthday card to Abraham Lincoln

lincolnsittingLincoln Highway fans can help send birthday greetings in honor of Abraham Lincoln’s birth 200 years ago. According to an AP article sent by Jan Shupert-Arick, the Illinois Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission is asking people to send cards to Lincoln for his 200th birthday on Feb. 12. The 16th president even has an official USPS address: Abraham Lincoln, Old State Capitol, 1 Old State Capitol Plaza, Springfield, Illinois, 62701-1512.

Commission chairwoman Marilyn Kushak says she hopes birthday greetings pour in from around the world to Lincoln’s hometown, where he moved after growing up in southern Indiana. She recommends that people make the cards by hand. The cards it receives may be used for displays or publicity.

One Response to “Send a 200th birthday card to Abraham Lincoln”

  1. Charles Bryant Says:

    Mr. Lincoln inspired me to take up a career in the law. His reputation for honesty and his humility are an example for all.

    Happy 200th

    Charles Bryant

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