Albums document Lincoln Hwy diner disassembly

The Review of East Liverpool, Ohio, has published a couple galleries of reader photos featuring Crosser’s Diner, a long-time eatery along the Lincoln Highway in Lisbon. I recently reported here and here that it’s being taken apart. The newest one shows the diner being disassembled for an uncertain future:


Click the screen shot to see the collection – photos are by Patti Schaeffer:


An album from August titled “Death of the Crosser Dinette,” documents its decline. By then, the roof had collapsed, stopped only by the counter, hence the roofline bowing that we reported earlier. You can see water damage and that the wooden framing in the middle was probably not salvageable.


Click the screen shot to see the collection – photos by madbunny/Brin Metzendorf:


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One Response to “Albums document Lincoln Hwy diner disassembly”

  1. Glenn Wells Says:

    Very reminiscent of what happened to the Tinker Tavern Diner north of Syracuse, NY (page 218 of “Diners of NY.”) The structural members in Sterling diners are wood, and when they go, they really go!

    Of course, the villain is neglect. The Sterling-built Wellsboro Diner (and centuries old but well maintained wooden barns) are still fine.

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