Lincoln Highway runner to finish Ohio today


Eric Ebbinger has been getting lots of press the past week for running the Lincoln Highway across Ohio in 5 days to honor Abraham Lincoln. Ebinger, 31, of Norwalk, started the 241-mile trek on Lincoln’s 200th birthday (Thursday) and plans to finish today, on President’s Day. He’ll start the final 27 miles at 9 am in Massilllon, heading eat towards East Liverpool.

This Mansfield News Journal article mentions how hard it can be to find the LH. This Mansfield article mentions the many challenges, including:

With winds gusting up to 30 mph at his back on the first day, Ebinger said he pushed himself too hard. He paid for it Friday.

“I had a really rough day,” he said after taking an ice bath. “I had to have an emergency massage in Bucyrus. “My legs were filled with lactic acid. I didn’t properly rehab the first night.”

That wasn’t all. “I had blisters all over my feet,” Ebinger said. “It felt like I was running on broken glass.”


Eris posts daily updates on his website,, which is the source of these photos. Starting at the top, Gerry Payne as President Lincoln met Eric at the square in Wooster after a 32 mile day; wife Misty helping to coordinate things; Greg and Bel, owners of the Oak Park Tavern on Route 30 east of Mansfield, opened their restaurant for Eric and crew of about 10 to gave them water, bananas, and Gatorade; Gerry Payne and Eric walking a portion of the original brick Lincoln Highway near Wooster.



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