Inspiring video: restoring neon signs on Route 66

If you know of a neon sign along the Lincoln Highway that needs some attention before it ends up being removed or destroyed, here’s an inspiring video about neon signs that were restored along Route 66 in New Mexico. Originally broadcast on PBS station KNME, the 26-minute program won a Rocky Mountain Regional Emmy Award.

Or view it larger here.

Spreading the word that these signs have historic, architectural, and tourist value is the best way to change opinions; as one sign-maker says (and we hope he now feels differently), “We could just sell them a new sign, it’d be so much easier.”

One Response to “Inspiring video: restoring neon signs on Route 66”

  1. RoadDog Says:

    Always like to see those old neon signs saved. Denny Gibson took a group of us to the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, well worth a trip.

    I’ll need to go back as the camcorder battery died on me. Great, great pictures in there.

    I have the mind to get something going at the local American Legion in Fox Lake, Illinois, to save the great old sign we have there.

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