Identifying Lincoln Highway group from 1992

Long-time LHA members will recognize the photo below as the first organizational meeting of the Lincoln Highway Association — taken 9 am, Saturday, October 31, 1992, in front of the City State Bank in Ogden, Iowa. The 44 attendees came from 7 states. Hard to believe but already the history of the new LHA is fading. The names were preserved when they signed in but only a third can be matched to the picture. Van and Bev Becker of the Iowa LHA are trying to identify them all — can you help? Click the image to see it larger.


Here are those that they and I think we have correctly identified. Click the key below to see it larger too.

3 Harry Monnier
6 Helen Ausberger (?)
11 John Fitzsimmons
15 Clare Frantz
17 Ruth Franz
18 Margaret Ebert
20 Carol Ahlgren
21 Mary Ann Beecher
24 Larry Adams
25 Jim Powell
27 Bob Owens
28 Bob Ausberger
32 Marvin Wolfe
37 Ty Cosotti (?)
38 W.E. “Earl” Givens
39 Joyce Ausberger
40 Gregory Franzwa


Those not identified:
Ken Huffaker
Keith D. Cooper
Kerry Clough-Petersen
Tony Hampton
Harry Gardner Jr.
Frances Phipps
Helen L. Smith
Andy Back
Gary Alban
Roger W. Dahl
Sue Scott
Joan J. Lingren
Opal Telleen
Carl L. Telleen
Robert A. Teller
Mark Boehm
Bob Adwers
Lucille Adwers
Molly Marsh
Doris McGregor
Bill McGregor
Marge Robson
Clare Robson
Ellen Johnson Paton
Jay Kustes

3 Responses to “Identifying Lincoln Highway group from 1992”

  1. Tony Hampton Says:

    I am number 26 in the 1992 LHA picture.

  2. Bob Petersen Says:

    Kerry Clough Petersen is number 1 she passed away in 1994. I had never seen this picture of her. She is pregnant with our son Cole in it. Thanks for posting this. If you don’t mind please email a copy of the picture as well.

  3. ray riley Says:

    I believe # 35 is Ken Huffaker

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