Public invited to join antique military parade

A highlight of the 2009 Lincoln Highway Association conference in South Bend, Indiana, will be the Lincoln Highway Day Parade featuring the Military Vehicle Preservation Association’s 90th anniversary re-enactment of the Military Army Convoy. Best-known of the original participants in 1919 was young Dwight Eisenhower. For the anniversary on June 19, individual vehicles along with antique auto and motorcycle clubs are invited to participate. The LHA has produced 150 dash plaques to commemorate the day:


All entries must be motorized and must pre-register for $10. Click HERE for the PDF form with more information.

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2 Responses to “Public invited to join antique military parade”

  1. Don Says:

    Brian, thanks for the daily additions to your site. They’re always enjoyable. Do you have an exact release date for “Companion” yet? I’ll be driving the highway in May and hope to have a copy with me.

    • brianbutko Says:

      Thanks Don. LH Companion has already passed the printer’s color proof stage and should be printing. It will be available in May but not sure yet exactly when.

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