Ohio touts its Lincoln Highway highlights

The Ohio Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor issued a press release geared to catch the attention of those planning springtime road trips. Titled Springin’ Along the “Lincoln,” it promotes cruising the Lincoln Highway in Ohio as a fun, close-to-home get-away. Below is a portion.


You may not find the world’s largest ball of twine but you will be able to do some serious antique shopping or visit a museum or two. Travel games can be created around identifying Highway period (1913-1928) buildings, historical monuments, spotting courthouses or locating old road alignments. And there is always plenty of home-style cooking and apple pie eating along the way….

During its 15 years, some “alignments” of the Lincoln Highway were changed to improve travel. Driving these older alignments today reveals charming small communities waiting to be explored. Today these areas may be unknown, but in the early days of the Lincoln Highway, everyone going east or west would pass through them. They were on the nation’s map and known by all who traveled the highway.

The ol’ Lincoln is out there, waiting to share its charm and history. for more information and maps, visit www.historicbyway.com or phone 419-468-6773.

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