Lincoln Highway remnant feted at Clarksville Day

LHA president Bob Dieterich reports that Clarksville Day was a huge success with between 2000 and 3000 attending the celebration. The ghost town along the Lincoln Highway in California is set to be redeveloped.

CA_Clarksville 9561

They had horse drawn wagons to transport people from one end of the highway through town to the other end as shown in a couple of the pictures. There was the Pony Express, Mormon Battalion, antique cars,  a band playing bluegrass music all day, and the Mormons had a huge cannon they fired every half hour.

CA_Clarksville 9572

There won’t be any work on development there for two or three years, so we should be able to work in one or two more of these. The developer has promised to save the Lincoln Highway as a walking path through there.

CA_Clarksville 9571

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