Whiteleys inspire "Paving the Way" program

Paving the Way: The National Park-to-Park Highway is 2-part program airing on PBS that recalls the journey of 12 motorists who followed the 5,000+ mile circular highway in 1920. The Park-to-Park Highway connected all 12 of the national parks at the time; the 1920 trip took 76 days. Leading the tour was famous AAA trails “pathfinder” Anton Westgard. Check local listings to see when it will air in your area.

ParkHwy_MapABOVE: Route map provided by Terry Coolidge, Wellspring Digital Studio.

ParkHwy_AWestgardABOVE: Photo by A.G. Lucier, provided by John T. Hinckley Library, Northwest College, Powell, Wyoming.

Producer/director Brandon Wade told me that the video was inspired by Lee and Jane Whiteley, who wrote about the highway and the famous tour in their 2003 book, The Playground Trail: The National Park-to-Park Highway. Lee and Jane are known to Lincoln Highway fans for their pioneering work researching the LH route through Colorado, including a small but info-packed book, The Lincoln Highway in Colorado. To learn more about the film, visit pavingtheway.tv where you can also purchase the DVD for $24.95.

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One Response to “Whiteleys inspire "Paving the Way" program”

  1. J.P. Carpenter Says:

    We watched the movie and were very impressed by the photography and music. Great job.

    We have a question about the illness of Mr. Anton Westgard–How were the people involved with the production of the movie able to obtain the medical information mentioned? Was that information listed on Anton’s death certificate?

    The information we have about Mr. Westgard states …he became ill after surgery……

    Please respond.

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