Lincoln Highway fans converge on South Bend


I spent Monday driving across Ohio and Indiana, heading to the annual Lincoln Highway Assn. conference in South Bend. I followed many old stretches of the LH and took many photos — so many that the 6 hour trip took me 14 hours. my camera is overloaded, its batteries are dead, and my head is kinda hurting but it was a great time, I got great photos, and met some very nice people. Here are some photos from the trip.





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3 Responses to “Lincoln Highway fans converge on South Bend”

  1. Jim Says:

    Sure wish I could be at the conference this year — South Bend’s my home town.

    Love the shot of the “young fried chicken” sign!

  2. mike Says:

    wow, many moons ago, i made sure to go down the Lincoln hwy in Van Wert, coming back from a baseball game in Celina, OH. Somehow I missed this place!
    I always loved the restaurant with the neon EAT sign at the corner of US Rt 33 & 127. There is something kind of neat(words are tough to describe it) Seems like a blast from the past…. Like there were tons of these places at one time, and now it’s only this place…. that’s the closest I can get to how I felt when I saw it. Eating there was just another place… but the look, i don’t know.. it just had something…

  3. Roadog Says:

    That shot of Balyeat’s, WOW!!!!

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