RoadTrip America reviews L Hwy Companion

RoadTrip America

RoadTrip America, a wonderful site for travel news and ideas, gave a very kind review to my Lincoln Highway Companion, calling it

a perfect size and format for riding shotgun on road trips. With 190 pages packed with color photographs and detailed maps, road trip aficionados can easily follow this historic highway…. Reading the book is like sitting in at a “round-table” and listening to people share their favorite discoveries.


The goal of the book is to make it easy to travel the road but not need a stack of guides and maps, all while not taking away the element of surprise. Click HERE to get it at reduced price from Amazon.

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5 Responses to “RoadTrip America reviews L Hwy Companion”

  1. Eric Pincus Says:


    I got the Companion for my B-day and plan on riding the LH from OH to as far as UT next year, if I can get the time off.

    My only compliant, which is a significant one is why didn’t you have this spiral bound? I ride a motorcycle and this would allow me to put this into the mapcase of my tankbag. I did this with the EZ66 guide this May and it was nice to have the information handy. Any chance of offering the Companion as a .PDF so I can print it out?

    Otherwise I am looking forward to using this and Greetings to plan my trip.


    Eric Pincus

    • brianbutko Says:

      Hi Eric, Glad you like the book, a few years of work went into it. The publisher chose for the first edition to be bound like a book for publishing reasons (dry stuff that means little to us). So for now, you’ll have to wear out this version. But if all goes as planned, a revised edition will have a spiral binding and some other features. But don’t wait, that’ll take a few years.

  2. tom wible Says:

    hey, brian, just wanted to tell u i got ur LHC 4 xmas…gr8 book!-)

    while i realize u couldn’t detail every inch, i was disappointed 2 c my hometown of greensburg, pa, getting short shrift;-)

    i’ve created a googlemap pointing out the numerous stretches of the original lincoln highway, including 2 sections of the original concrete:

    • brianbutko Says:

      Tom, you are quite the complainer! 🙂 EVERY town in LHC gets short shrift — it’s focus is not on towns or road detail; instead it lists places to visit and has maps with as much detail as possible at that scale, including some old road segments around Greensburg. Actually, I’ve spent many hours walking the roads there for research, much of which can be found in my first book The Lincoln Highway: Pennsylvania Traveler’s Guide (1994, rev 2002). Greetings from the LH also has more about the road and why it went where it did.

      • tom wible Says:

        glad u took a look @ the map…i’ll have 2 check out ur other books, maybe do more googlemaps…

        still using tiger on that intel mac, i see…u r gonna have 2 upgrade sooner or L8r…it’s only $29;-)

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