Grand View Ship Hotel book cover released

After much back and forth debate, Stackpole Books has finalized the cover to my next book, The Ship Hotel: A Grand View Along the Lincoln Highway. It shows the Ship in the early 50s, when crowds were still coming despite the lure of the parallel Pa. Turnpike. I was hoping for more nautical touches but I’m thrilled they chose to feature this beautiful view from good friend Cy Hosmer.


The Grand View Ship Hotel was once the best-known attraction along the coast-to-coast Lincoln Highway. It’s burning in 2001 broke hearts far and wide. Today all that remains are a few scattered scorched remnants below the 1920s wall (see my brief clip below). My book traces the history starting with a roadside stand that served early travelers stopping for the grand view. I got to design the inside, which will feature lots of cool photos printed large. Look for the book in Spring 2010!

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2 Responses to “Grand View Ship Hotel book cover released”

  1. modbetty Says:

    Aw, that video is just heartbreaking. I think we have a photo of Cliff’s grandfolks outside of the ship, I’ll have to dig it out. Can’t wait to see the book!

  2. LaVerne M Says:

    I now live in OR but my heart will always remain in PA.
    My Great-Grandparents lived just off Lincoln Hwy by Reels Corner not far from the Ship Hotel. As a child no matter how many times we would drive by that Grand Hotel, I never tired looking at it or Daddy stopping for a view that lives on forever in my mind. I took my children there when they were small.
    It’s very sad to know that grand old place is gone but that view will always remain.

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