Three more blogs of Lincoln Highway adventures

Following up on last week’s Lincoln Highway adventures of Bill and Karen, another couple, Dave and Peg, are driving a 1929 Model A across the country. They picked up the Lincoln Highway west of Canton, Ohio, and are heading to California. (Note, they just detoured off the LH to see Mount Rushmore.) Follow along at

IA_DavePeg_Model A_Bridge Tama

Another couple, Kathie and Tony Mandra, have already reached the west coast but you can read of their trip, and side trips, at

IA_Mandra_Woodbine Brick Station

And Chris Hutter is riding his 2006 Harley Davidson FLHR west from Pittsburgh. Follow him at

IN_Goshen Hutter0328

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5 Responses to “Three more blogs of Lincoln Highway adventures”

  1. Bob D Says:

    These are fantastic blog entries!! More and more people are becoming aware of, and walking, running, riding, and driving the highway.

  2. Denny Gibson Says:

    Chris Hutter started his ride on Tuesday. He’s now in Illinois and seems to be having a great time. I’m proud of the fact that he has established Ohio as the LH signing leader so far. I was unaware of Bill & Karen’s Model A round-the-country trip. It is one of the coolest adventures I’ve ever heard of. I had to go back and read their blog from the beginning. Great trip. Thanks for the pointers.

    • brianbutko Says:

      Thanks Denny. I saw but wasn’t able to update till now – even renamed the post “three” blogs. Nice to follow along when we have to stay at home….

    • Denny Gibson Says:

      Oops. I just realized my mistake here. It’s Dave & Peg in the Model A. Bill & Karen are in a yellow Pontiac Pursuit. And they’re all having FUN!

  3. RoadDog Says:

    Thanks for the blog tips.

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