Denny, Corvettes to follow the Lincoln Highway

Dedicated 2-lane traveler Denny Gibson leaves tomorrow to travel the Lincoln Highway in his 2006 Corvette for the next couple weeks, then hook up with other Corvettes heading back east. That growing caravan will depart San Jose on August 29 heading to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, for the museum’s 15th anniversary party planned for Labor Day weekend. They will follow the Lincoln Highway to Denver if not literally at least in spirit, though Denny will be back on the 2-lane. That’s him below last year at the Lincoln Highway’s Western Terminus marker.


There are only five overnight stops for the Corvettes:
Aug 29 — 250 miles Reno, Nevada
Aug 30 — 520 miles Salt Lake City, Utah
Aug 31 — 528 miles Denver, Colorado
Sep 1 — 540 miles Topeka, Kansas
Sep 2 — 480 miles Evansville, Indiana

Follow along at, where Denny always posts tons of great photos and info to go with them, or check out Denny’s experiment into the world of Tweeting at

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3 Responses to “Denny, Corvettes to follow the Lincoln Highway”

  1. Denny Gibson Says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Brian. I’m posting this from a motel just south of Merrillville, IN, and will be heading to Illinois shortly to see some Lincoln Highway that I haven’t seen before. I had dinner (perch) at Teibles last night to help get in the mood (as if I needed it;-).

  2. brianbutko Says:

    Reading your first day, great stuff as usual, wish I was there. Had to laugh at your Franklin Grove noooo-te. 🙂 I’d hoped to do a month-long tour out the LH and back 66 but in the end couldn’t do it. Glad to see you collecting signatures!!

  3. brianbutko Says:

    Just read yer note regarding my three types of descriptions in LHC and you’re exactly right. I visited some or had others write about their experiences, but that still left lots of gaps and no one to check out places. So through a combination of calling or seeing an ad or reading an article I would piece together a description. Glad you confirmed the Pine, it looks nice!

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