’10 Illinois Lincoln Highway guides available

The 2010 Illinois Lincoln Highway Visitor Guide from the Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition is now available around the state or by mail. New features include a page about the completed interpretive gazebo project, a half page for the current interpretive mural project, and an easier-to-use map of the highway with icons for gazebos, murals and exhibits. Another change moved accommodation listings from each community to their own section.

Fill out the form here to get yours: www.drivelincolnhighway.com/visitorsguide.html or view and download a complete copy at www.drivelincolnhighway.com/LH2010guide.pdf/.

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One Response to “’10 Illinois Lincoln Highway guides available”

  1. Sue Hronik Says:

    Thank you so much for your support of the Lincoln Highway Coalition! It’s always great to recognize the signifcance of the highway’s heritage and history in northern Illinois!

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