Amateur radio celebrates the Lincoln Highway

The Iowa amateur radio operators who for the last two years have operated a summer “special event” radio station celebrating 95 and then 96 years along the Lincoln Highway have banded together under the name Lincoln Highway Amateur Radio Group (LH-ARG). They applied to the Federal Communications Commission for a special call sign to use during on-the-air club operations and they now hold the unique call sign: NY2SF — that is,  ”New York to San Francisco, from the eastern terminus to the western terminus of the Lincoln Highway.

Key officers of the new LH-ARG are Van & Bev Becker, LHA Life Members. As in the past, the group plans to team with the Benton County Amateur Radio Club to operate another special event station celebrating 97 Years along the Lincoln Highway from Youngville Station the weekend immediately before the 2010 Lincoln Highway Association Conference in Dixon, Illinois. Last year’s special event spread the word of the Lincoln Highway to almost 1,000 different stations in 3 countries.

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