Ternderloin site visits Lincoln Highway drive-in

Lincoln Highway fans may be aware that ephemera expert and historian Russell Rein also loves tracking down good stops for pork tenderloin sandwiches. The newest post from a blog called Des Loines (devoted exclusively to tenderloin sandwiches) reviews the food and ambiance of the Dairy Mart along the Lincoln in Glidden, Iowa (east of Carroll), easily spotted by the big rooster by the side of the road.

The Dairy Mart is a well-maintained and classic-looking ice-cream stand beside the Lincoln Highway. The tenderloin is homemade, but not really anything special. This place is worth stopping in for the Ice-Cream or other menu items.


The owner takes good care of this place to keep it looking like a classic Lincoln Highway stop for food and ice-cream. The inside is a little cramped with smaller tables and seats, but that is just how authentic roadside places are.

Dairy Mart is at 325 E 9th St./US 30.

3 Responses to “Ternderloin site visits Lincoln Highway drive-in”

  1. tom wible Says:

    i wanna see the chicken!-)

  2. Glenn Wells Says:

    The chicken!

  3. brianbutko Says:

    Thx Glenn. Gimma a lil bit and I’ll post a chicken pic on the blog too.

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