Tama's Lincoln Highway Bridge Fest this weekend

The 31st annual Lincoln Highway Bridge Festival is set for today and tomorrow May 14 and 15, in  Tama, Iowa. The event, sponsored by the Tama-Toledo Area Chamber of Commerce, features carnival rides along with events. Friday evening includes an ice cream social, live entertainment in the fire station, the Citizen of the Year presentation, and a street dance. Saturday starts with a firefighters pancake breakfast and 5K Run and Walk. The Grand Parade starts at 10 am and is followed by a full day of entertainment and events.

The little concrete bridge is famous for having “Lincoln Highway” carved into its side rails, and in 2007 even got its own new age song written and performed by Phil Christensen. He says, “The bridge hearkens to a time when Model T’s coughed, sputtered and competed with horses and buggies. I tried to capture all this in a song called the ‘Lincoln Highway Bridge Song’ and it’s available through our Notes Along the Road website and i-tunes. The instrumental is a playful homage to bygone days; tasty guitars are layered over a back-firing rhythm loop, while gentle pads capture the rolling plains and farmlands.”

Also, visit our friend David Chase at 42N Observations blog to see a 1915 view of the bridge.

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