Rail cars along Lincoln Highway in PA sold as scrap

The Evening Sun of York, Pa., reports that a pair of classic railroad cars that greeted Lincoln Highway travelers to nearby New Oxford have been demolished and sold for scrap.

The article explains that Stephen Hieber had the two passenger train coaches next to his business on Lincolnway West in New Oxford. His company, PWI Inc. (which specializes in petroleum dispensing products), acquired the two blue-gray Baltimore & Ohio Railroad coaches at auction in 1999. The company has rented out the 80-foot coaches to various small businesses but for the past three years, no one was willing to take on the expense of renting the coaches. With restoration too expensive, Hieber decided to sell them for scrap.

The two B&O coaches came to rest in New Oxford in 1972 thanks to business owner and railroad enthusiast Paul Wagner, who purchased the discarded cars and had them delivered and carefully placed in a V shape next to the tracks on the south side of Lincolnway West. Wagner used the coaches as home for his Paul’s Model Railroad Shop….

“There is no way a small business can afford the heating and cooling costs,” Hieber said. “There is no insulation. They are literally steel cans.”…

The coaches, built in 1930 by the Pullman Company and rebuilt in 1948 in the B&O shops, were used for service between St. Louis and Washington, according to a 1972 Hanover Sun story….

“If somebody had come along I would have been happy to sell them,” he said. “It doesn’t make me any happier than anybody else.”

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2 Responses to “Rail cars along Lincoln Highway in PA sold as scrap”

  1. kmc Says:

    This is a real pity/ History seems not to have much value to New Oxford….Antique Town???????

  2. Leah Eskin Says:

    Hi. Trying to reach Brian Butko for a story on diners. Please let me know best way to get in touch. Thank you.

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