Tama Iowa's King Tower Cafe reopens!

On the heels of the sad news that it had closed, the Tower Cafe in Tama Iowa has reopened according to our friend Van Becker!

Today we took a roadtrip that included lunch in Tama. The King Tower is open again under new management. The exterior looks exactly the same; the interior benefitted from new paint, new carpet and lots of scrubbing. The new operator/manager leased the building from the owner and has spent four months readying it for customers again. The Indian murals are still on the walls inside; the menu is new and so are the prices. Food was good and many of the other diners appeared to be regular repeat customers. Outside along the highway the sign of the Indian with native headress still needs extensive and costly neon repair which it may never receive.

2 Responses to “Tama Iowa's King Tower Cafe reopens!”

  1. dennyg Says:

    Good news. This was one of the rare closings that surprised me and a reopening that doesn’t. This place just seems like it belongs and should be successful. Here’s hopin’.

  2. Rog Says:

    This place is going to be great! Stop by and taste for yourself. The new manager/owner is very positive and energetic. He has worked his way from [literally] nothing to owner of two restaurants and a motel.

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