Indiana Curriculum to Spotlight Lincoln Highway

A Lincoln Highway curriculum unit is being prepared by the LHA Indiana chapter. “Indiana’s Historic Lincoln Highway” will offer a complete 2-week course for grades 3 and 4, formatted to Indiana State Standards. Project Leader Joyce Chambers says a team has been working for a year and a half gathering information and creating hands-on activities for topics such as maps, math, art, music, language, and science. Field research is wrapping up for this year as colder weather approaches.

IN_UM concrete
Above: Pouring the last concrete between Osceola and Mishawaka, Indiana. (Univ of Michigan, Special Collections Library, lhc2276)

The kit will likely contain a Teacher’s Guide, Student Booklet, DVD history of the road, possibly some model race cars (a nod to Carl Fisher’s connection to the Indy Speedway), a LH BINGO Game, and images of the road in Indiana, all in a sturdy tote bag. Sections may include Overview, Construction, Bridges, Tollhouses & Mile Markers, Travelers, Accommodations, Workers along the Road, Fun Sheets, Timeline, Lincoln Highway Sites, Glossary, Bibliography, Evaluation, and information on the LHA. The South Bend Community School Corporation’s Print Shop will donate the printing.

IN_UM_Ideal Sec Above: A billboard on the Lincoln Highway’s famous Ideal Section in western indiana, 1927. (Univ of Michigan, Special Collections Library, lhc2793)

Three or four schools will test a pilot version for the 2008-’09 school year, then it will be evaluated and revised for release in 2009-’10 to public libraries and schools along the LH. Further suggestions will be incorporated into a final version available to all Indiana schools, including homeschoolers and private/parochial. It will be available through “check out” at the Center for History Education Department, where other such kits are stored for teachers. A similar highway-themed curriculum is Traveling the National Road Classroom Activity Program.

A kit and PowerPoint show will be presented at the LHA’s 2008 conference, and a presentation at the ’09 event will include feedback from the test year. It sounds like a solid plan, and a model program for other LH states.

IN_UM_curveAbove: The LHA Packard touring through Indiana, 1925. (Univ of Michigan, Special Collections Library, lhc2313)

For more information, or to make suggestions about content, contact Joyce Chambers at (574) 272-5374.

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3 Responses to “Indiana Curriculum to Spotlight Lincoln Highway”

  1. Diane Rossiter Says:

    Would it be possible to get a copy of this curriculum?

  2. Joyce Chambers Says:

    Diane- thanks for asking that very good question!!
    We don’t know at this time, not having the finished product ourselves.
    IF we can make extra copies/kits, they would be for LH members/LH State Directors/LHA Education Coordinators to possibly help guide them in making a kit for their state!!!
    IF we can make extra copies/kits, YOUR name will be at the top of the list OK??
    God bless. Joyce Chambers

  3. MaryJo Miller Says:

    I am extremely proud of you! I am eager to see the finished material. ( For those of you out there Joyce did her student teaching with me a “few” years ago. She did an excellent job.)
    Lots of love,

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