More on the Donner Summit Bridge Bear Rescue

One of the most popular posts here has been the October 31 story about a bear stuck overnight on the Rainbow Bridge at Donner Summit, and how volunteers rescued it the next day. The bridge is on a rerouting of the Lincoln Highway—the original path can still be seen snaking through the “subway” beneath the old railroad tracks, but that was bypassed in 1926 by the road that includes this bridge. Truckee Animal Control Officer Dan Olsen has graciously loaned more of his on-the-spot photos that show the dedication and determination of volunteers who rigged a net, tranquilized the bear, and lowered it to safety. Thanks again Dan!CA Olsen bear1

Click on these for a larger image:

CA Olsen bear2
CA Olsen bear3 CA Olsen bear4CA Olsen bear5 CA Olsen bear6 CA Olsen bear7

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One Response to “More on the Donner Summit Bridge Bear Rescue”

  1. Laurie Bailey Says:

    I received an email with this story and pictures attached. The moral of the story was “when you find yourself in a difficult situation, Take a Nap” This is actually a Great Story for all the “Officials” out there who think the only answer is to “shoot and kill animals” rather then come up with a way to save the animial if it is found in an area or situation that is deemed to dangerous for the public or the animal. I’m sure if it really came down to it, you could find way more volunteers to help rescue an animal then you would to kill it. Thank you so much to Officer Dan Olsen and All the Volunteers who took the time and heart to save the bear.

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