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Lincoln Highway diner location for new Apple ad

August 13, 2009

A classic diner in California was just used as the setting for a new ad for Apple, maker of computers, iPhones, and iPods. The former Truckee Diner (and before that, the Birmingham Grille when it was in PA), is now Jax at the Tracks, a 1940s diner with a retro redo. It changed owners recently and is now open from 7 am to 10 pm. A good guess might be that the ad is for a notepad computer. Apple has not yet sold one but it seems to be the coming wave in personal computing, sized between a smartphone and laptop.


According to Gizmodo, The Gadget Blog,

Amidst extreme security, yesterday Apple filmed a new ad at Jax at the Tracks, a hip 1940’s style diner in Truckee, California. Filming on location is a very interesting departure from the usual Apple TV commercials, which are studio based.

Speaking to the Sierra Sun, the owner Bud Hally said Apple wanted a “cool spot for the 20-something crowd.”

Some people think this means an ad for a new iPod, but the fact is that nobody has a clue about what this new unreleased secret product really is. Certainly, the security won’t be that high for a new variation of an existing model, but you never know with Apple.

Two snowy views of Lincoln Highway, Donner Pass

January 21, 2009

Grant Gassman, a member of the Lincoln Highway California Chapter, took these photos on January 10, 2009, of the Lincoln Highway at Donner Pass and Paul Gilger kindly sent them on. The first photo is a wonderful vista of Donner Lake and the road, taken with a zoom lens from the lookout at the end of the Rainbow Bridge atop Donner Pass.


The second photo is the original Lincoln Highway alignment underpass under the Transcontinental Railroad, and part of the adjacent China Wall.  You can see how the snow drifts completely over the old road, even from just a modest snowfall.


More on the Donner Summit Bridge Bear Rescue

November 12, 2007

One of the most popular posts here has been the October 31 story about a bear stuck overnight on the Rainbow Bridge at Donner Summit, and how volunteers rescued it the next day. The bridge is on a rerouting of the Lincoln Highway—the original path can still be seen snaking through the “subway” beneath the old railroad tracks, but that was bypassed in 1926 by the road that includes this bridge. Truckee Animal Control Officer Dan Olsen has graciously loaned more of his on-the-spot photos that show the dedication and determination of volunteers who rigged a net, tranquilized the bear, and lowered it to safety. Thanks again Dan!CA Olsen bear1

Click on these for a larger image:

CA Olsen bear2
CA Olsen bear3 CA Olsen bear4CA Olsen bear5 CA Olsen bear6 CA Olsen bear7

Bear Drama at Donner Summit Bridge

October 31, 2007

LHA map committee chair Paul Gilger tells us that the big story along the Lincoln Highway in California last month was the rescue of a bear hanging from the Rainbow Bridge atop Donner Summit.

CA bear 1

According to the Tahoe Daily Tribune, the 250-pound bear climbed over the edge to avoid cars about 3 pm Saturday, Sept. 15, then got stuck and hung on overnight until being rescued around noon Sunday. Claw marks could be seen in the concrete railing where the bear tried to stop itself from falling.

CA bear 2

A passerby got a net from an Army surplus store and strung it beneath the span, then an animal control official shot it with a tranquilizer dart. A pole was used to push the bear off the girder, then about a dozen volunteers safely lowered the bear 80 feet to the rocky ground below as about 100 spectators cheered. Truckee Animal Control Officer Dan Olsen said the joint effort included help from his organization plus The BEAR League, Nevada County Animal Control, the California Highway Patrol, and rock and tree climbers.

CA bear 3
Photos courtesy Town of Truckee Animal Control, and special thanks to its Manager Dan Olsen.

Follow-up and more images HERE.