Stop-action video of DeKalb to Link Wray tune

Here’s a fun video of downtown DeKalb, Illinois, assembled from thousands of still images, which are themselves a bit distorted in day-glo colors. The view races up and down Lincoln Highway at a stop-action 180 mph to the tune of “High Way” by guitar legend Link Wray (sounding like a faster version of his big hit, Rumble). It’s a jumble of imagery, but anyone familiar with DeKalb will recognize many landmarks – even if seen only for a second.

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3 Responses to “Stop-action video of DeKalb to Link Wray tune”

  1. Diane Says:

    ILHC would like to know how to get a copy of this video. Do you know the author or how to get a copy? It’s pretty interesting, even though it hurts this old lady’s eyes to watch it!

  2. brianbutko Says:

    If you click on “menu” it shows the video’s url. Click “copy to clipboard” and then use that to go to the original post of the video. Be aware that people love to comment on videos and are often argumentative or profane.

    In the upper right is the poster – this one was posted by Starkfilms. Click on that name to learn a bit more (it’s one of 6 videos from the 28-year-old). If you sign up to YouTube (very simple) you’re able to send an e-mail.

  3. RoadDog Says:

    Well, I’m all dizzy now.

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