Mystery Photo 6: LH Food Fuel & Liquor

Here’s a late-night photo from the Lincoln Highway in Illinois. Anyone able to identify the city?


UPDATE: OK, it’s been answered – check the comments section. If you want to guess, don’t look at the map below yet!! The first image is from Google Street Views.


I’ve highlighted the map to show the original Lincoln Highway in Red and the rerouting in Blue, where you’ll find the business.


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3 Responses to “Mystery Photo 6: LH Food Fuel & Liquor”

  1. Larry Fiehn Says:

    Hi Brian: This is probably cheating, but Google tells me area code 708 and prefix 757 is in or near Glenwood, Illinois.

  2. Diane Says:

    I believe it’s in Chicago Heights. Right, Brian?

  3. brianbutko Says:

    Yep, Chicago Heights! Googling the phone number gets you in the neighborhood, but apparently to the owner’s address! Then entering the street address pinpoints it exactly. And now with Google Street Views, you can virtually cruise up and down the street looking at the roadscape – see the image above that I’ve added.

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