Vintage motels hang on near York, Pennsylvania

My drive last week along the Lincoln Highway in central Pennsylvania took me past many mid-century motels. Here are three east of York along Market Street/PA 462: Barnhart’s, the Modernaire, and the Flamingo.

I’ll briefly profile a few motels like these in every LH state in my forthcoming book, Lincoln Highway Companion.

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2 Responses to “Vintage motels hang on near York, Pennsylvania”

  1. Glenn Wells Says:

    Brian, I respect that you don’t want your photos improperly used… but your “bug” on the Modernaire Motel photo looks exactly like you painted your name on the fence!

  2. brianbutko Says:

    Glenn, I DID paint it on the fence while I was there! OK, it’s only on the photo, but I can’t tell you how often my photos are taken and used without permission or credit. Within days of starting this blog, a city newspaper not only took my story but all my photos, including using one photo on their FRONT page WITH my name that obvious.

    I hesitated on the Modernaire, then I thought, that’s exactly the kind of photo that people steal. So I made it more prominent and bumped it above the top fence line to make it harder to erase, and actually like that it looks like it was on the fence. You know all about doing this kind of work in your spare time, yet people think we’re a news service and free photo source. I spent a lot for gas on that trip – if anything, the photo marks will only become more prominent. ~BB

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