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York PA Lincoln Highway Restaurant sign for sale

May 20, 2011

A constant stream of Lincoln Highway memorabilia shows up on eBay, less so on craigslist. But here’s a sign from the Lincoln Highway Garage that was on Rt. 462 in York that advertised the LH Restaurant inside. The station is long gone, replaced by a Turkey Hill store that pays homoage to the old place, but this souvenir has survived.

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Lincoln Highway marker hit, missing from York

March 18, 2009

LHA director Mindy Crawford alerts us that the concrete Lincoln Highway marker¬† at Ogontz and E. Market Street in York, Pennsylvania, was hit by a car on February 23. “One of our members has been trying to track down where it went. The only information he could get was from the police and the water company who both said it was laying there when they left! It is, of course, gone now.”


If you have any information, please contact Mindy, who is also Executive Director Preservation Pennsylvania, at or (717) 880-6275. Also keep watch at regional antique shops and on eBay. The posts, which have a directional arrow on the side, weere planted in 1928 to mark and commemorate the Lincoln Highway.

Phil running Lincoln Highway towards east coast

November 13, 2008

Piil Rosenstein is nearing the end of his cross-country run, mush of which followed Route 66 and since Illihios has often been on the Lincoln HIghway. He wrote the note below from York, Pa. He’ll follow US 30 to the coast, meaning at Philadelphia he’ll leave the Lincoln, which bends NE to New York City. His running supports the charity of The Mario Lemieux Foundation which works in cancer research and supporting families affected by cancer. Here are excerpts from his diary starting in Pittsburgh:

Nov 6 = I gave a few more interviews and met a few former Penguins who are now announcing games. And I met the current best player in the world – Sidney Crosby…. 10 minutes into the first period they had a very nice ceremony with a video tribute to me on the jumbotron where I was presented with a couple of gifts. I received a proclamation from the mayor of Pittsburgh that November 6th, 2008, was Official Phil Rosenstein Day for the city…. After that, we went up to the owner’s box where I got to meet the owner himself – Mario Lemieux. What more can I say??


Nov 7 = I stopped in Greensburg for a free milkshake around noon because they recognized me from the TV…. I never would have made it to Greensburg without Dan’s help by taking the stroller [cart] from me. The shoulder came and went often and all the traffic would have been within inches of hitting me had I been out there with that stroller…. I made it to the edge of Laughlintown before stopping for the night.

Nov 8 = The temperature today was 49 degrees to start and then never got any higher. Part of that is due to the amount of time I spent climbing a few mountains today. Though they were only 2900 feet high, it still isn’t easy pushing that stroller up them…. I took a picture of one of the more beautiful Lincoln Highway (Route 30) murals. I ran about 40 miles again today and ended up getting into Schellsburg just as it got dark.


Nov 9 = I left Schellsburg feeling a bit sore from all the recent miles and the hills, but I still made good time getting into Bedford where I met up with Alisa and here friends Sue and Peter. I spent all day running without the stroller, but with two people while the third waited five miles ahead for us. It was weird to run with other people, but I really enjoyed the company and made good time running a steady pace all day. We finished the day about 13 miles east of Breezewood. By running without the stroller and the hydration vest, I was able to finish the day with more than 40 miles once again – third day in a row.

Nov 10 = I ran 40 miles once again today. That’s 4 days in a row now. My legs can feel it now. I was pretty sore all day long and really struggled in the afternoon. In the morning, I went over a few more mountains where it was snowing on top. It’s much easier without the stroller (left behind at Alisa’s place) going up a mountain. Going down is where it hurt the most. After that it was flat, but the winds made it seem colder than the 35 degrees the thermometers kept saying. I finished the day in Caledonia tired, sore, and freezing cold.

Nov 11 = Alisa dropped me off where she picked me up last night, but this time I had the stroller. I moved slowly since I was sore and tired from all the recent miles. I made it through Gettysburg (on this Veteran’s Day) and then another 10 miles before meeting my friends Dave and Gary who drove up from Virginia. We … made it to the edge of York before going out to dinner.

Amateur filmmakers sought for Lincoln Highway

September 25, 2008

To spread the word about the Lincoln Highway farther and to younger generations, the Lincoln HIghway Heritage Corridor along with Destination Filmfest is holding a LH-themed film-making contest. Amateur teams are invited to write, shoot, and edit a 5-7 minute film in a week using the Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania as the backdrop. The top team will receive $500 cash and the top 5 will be viewed by Hollywood director John Putch, who recently filmed and produced Route 30 in the area. There will also be a top prize for each genre film. Pre-registration forms must be submitted by mail along with an entry fee of $100 by October 3, 2008.

ABOVE: The new Turkey Hill mini-mart in York might be a good film location.

In the span of a week, teams will then:
Write a script to the assigned genre
Design and create sostumes and set
Create sound/music
Film and Edit

Each film must include two Lincoln Highway landmarks (building, street sign, etc.) or identifying characteristics (bus, county courthouse, taxi-cab, etc.) of the Lincoln Highway location. Submitted films will be shown in 4 locations along the Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania. A panel of judges (which includes the PA Director of Cultural and Heritage Tourism, a California filmmaker, two theatre arts professors, and the Executive Director of LHHC) will choose five finalists in each genre, from which Putch will then view and select the top winner who will receive $500 from the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor.

Vintage motels hang on near York, Pennsylvania

May 27, 2008

My drive last week along the Lincoln Highway in central Pennsylvania took me past many mid-century motels. Here are three east of York along Market Street/PA 462: Barnhart’s, the Modernaire, and the Flamingo.

I’ll briefly profile a few motels like these in every LH state in my forthcoming book, Lincoln Highway Companion.