2008 LHA conference in Evanston – day 1

Lincoln Highway fans were in Evanston, Wyoming, on Monday to kick off the 2008 National Lincoln Highway Association Conference. Tours were given of the roundhouse and railyard, then a get-together was held for first-time conference attendees followed by a welcome reception in the railroad machine shop, and capped by a buffet dinner with keynote speaker Mark Foster, University of Colorado professor and author of Castles in the Sand: The Life and Times of Carl Graham Fisher.

Above photos show a family from Colorado with one of the cast-iron state line markers, Bill Arick with Mindy and Rodney Crawford, and art show entries including a painting from a student and a photo detail of the Fisher Mausoleum by Jan Shupert-Arick.

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3 Responses to “2008 LHA conference in Evanston – day 1”

  1. RoadDog Says:

    Sure would have liked to be there. Next year, I will be in South Bend, though.

    Did you have any problems crossing Iowa?

  2. Diane Says:


    I was hoping to meet you out here in Wyoming! Jan Schupert-Arick and I had our pics taken with Buddy and Bob on their Piaggio scooters, so check out their blog on Thursday at http://www.PiaggioUSA.com. They’re really a nice couple of guys and seem to be enjoying their ride so far. We’re going to try and meet up when they make Illinois. If so, I will try to send you some photos.

    Thank you for all you do for Lincoln Highway….

    Diane Rossiter
    Associate Director, Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition
    Management Agency for the Illinois Lincoln Highway –a National Scenic Byway

  3. brianbutko Says:

    I’m here in PA trying to follow the many Lincoln Highway stories: cyclists, PBS, and LHA conference attendees all criss-crossing the country and dodging destructive weather at the same time. I’m already planning next year’s trip to the conference. Afterwards, we’ll continue west for book signings for LH Companion and some family vacation time. Hope to see you all then!!

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