Cyclists’ daily LH blog offers maps, info, images

As reported earlier, 71-year-old Dr. Bernard “Buddy” Rosenbaum is driving the Lincoln Highway coast-to-coast with long-time cycling friend, 72-year-old Bob Chase. They started in San Francisco June 13 and will end in New York City’s Times Square on July 14. The pair is riding three-wheeled Piaggio MP3 scooters, getting some 55 miles per gallon.

Read more about the trip at their blog There are tons of pictures, virtual Google maps, and info on restaurants and roadside stops. The pair are about to enter Wyoming.

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2 Responses to “Cyclists’ daily LH blog offers maps, info, images”

  1. There’s a lot of old Lincoln Highway in Wyoming Says:

    […] Piagio MP3 Lincoln Highway Ride,” and I had read about them the other day on Butko’s Lincoln Highway News, and they’re writing a cross-country blog too. They’re sponsored by Piaggio, and they […]

  2. Sylvia Elinoff Says:


    I enjoyed looking at the pictures you have posted and reading about your amazing roadtrip with your friend Buddy. You are both phenomenal and fascinating people!!

    Thanks so much for taking time out of your very busy roadtrip to get the information for my brother Norman’s eye exam and glasses through the Lion’s Club. You are a very kind and generous person, and I appreciate your help so much!!

    Have a safe and exciting journey.!! I am going to enjoy following your trip through the website you gave me.


    Sylvia Elinoff

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